Blade and Chalice

Site for Ameeya Hawke's Spike & Buffy fanfiction. Go »

Buffy/Spike Central

Home to many delicious Spuffy stories. Go »

Fly Me to the Moon

Fanlisting for Megan/Peta, a prolific autor in the Spuffy fandom. The site is maintained by Mandi and Holly. Go »

Ghostgirl's Adventures in Fandom

Yani's (that would be me) site for all things fandom, including con/event reports and photos!Go »

Lights! Camera! James!

Mad Brilliant's amazing gallery of original photos of James Marsters! From concerts to conventions, she has captured some of the best pics of James! Go »

Monster in Her Man

Home to Rikki_oko's amazing Spuffy fanfiction! Go »


Angela's fantastic original photography gallery. It includes many amazing pictures of cast members from the Jossverse (mainly Buffy and Angel), as well concert pictures. Must see! Go »

Spark and Burn Awards

Spuffy fanfiction awards site maintained by Amy! Go »

When Hearts Collide

Fanfiction site for angelic_amy's work! Go »